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Old Time Radio Researchers
The Old Time Radio Researchers group is a community of enthusiastic fans, avid listeners, and strong supporters of old rime radio. The group’s goals include researching, restoring, preserving, and sharing the classic shows from what is commonly known as the Golden Age of Radio (1930-1960). The OTRR group, comprised of a diverse world wide group of volunteers, has undertaken many ongoing projects and continues to work hard to preserve our wonderful radio heritage.
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  • The Jim Beshires OTRR Volunteer Squadron
    Our purpose is to lend a hand in getting new old time radio sets moderated and old sets updated. Our work includes researching biographies, creating series synopsis, finding unique photographs, contributing items of interest for sets in progress, and recording audio briefs. Jim Beshires' mantra lives on: " We are the cream of the crop of volunteers and pledge to complete our projects, or report reasons why we cannot. We will not simply 'vanish into the dark night'. We will be dependable and will help promote the goals of the Old Time Radio Researchers."
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  • OldTimeRadioResearchers | Moderators
    This group serves as a place for moderators of the Old Time Radio Researchers to coordinate activities and share information vital to the ongoing work of the organization.
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  • Old Time Radio Researchers Distro Group
    This is the distribution center for the The Old Time Radio Researchers group. Our motto is "Freely Share Old Time Radio!" A primary goal of the Old Time Radio Researchers is to provide old time radio enthusiasts with the very best series sets freely available. We work to include not only as many available episodes as possible in the best sound quality, but also series descriptions and histories, star biographies, jewel case artwork, and other features.
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  • Old Time Radio Researchers Purchasing Group
    This Group is a sub-group to the Old Time Radio Researchers Group. We are responsible for buying, encoding, and distributing old time radio that has heretofore been unknown, unavailable, or in poor quality. Members in this group are required to pay a monthly subscription of $5 to fund these efforts. Members are encouraged to participate in listing needed episodes and locating sources from which to obtain them. Members are also encouraged to participate in digitizing acquired material. The main perk in this group is that members will be the first to receive all newly acquired episodes.
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