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Larry Maupin


From: "Gordon Johansen"
To: lmaupin@...
Sent: Thursday February 27 2020 2:24:46PM
Subject: Re: FW: [OldTimeRadioResearchers] Best Program Title #poll

Thanks Larry. My problem was also compounded with a microsoft account password reset. All is good now and my vote is in. Only The Shadow knows who I voted for though.


February 27, 2020 12:15 PM

Hello Gordon.  I am forwarding you what should be a live link to the poll, and I will try to repost it as well.  I hope the link I am sending you works.



From: "Larry Maupin"
Sent: Wednesday February 26 2020 8:39:55AM
Subject: [OldTimeRadioResearchers] Best Program Title #poll

A new poll has been created:

Which title of an old-time radio program, series or serial appeals most vividly to the imagination or falls most pleasantly on the ear?  

1. Backstage Wife
2. The Shadow
3. Drene Time
4. Gunsmoke
5. Mr. Keeen, Tracer of Lost Persons

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Larry Maupin

Larry Maupin