THE GOLDEN DAYS OF RADIO: Episode Summary #2

Larry Maupin

Tag: "First Two Segments- Arthur Godfrey, Suspense:

Broadcast Date: None indicated

Network: American Forces Radio and Television Service

Host: Frank Bresse

Sponsor: None

Suggested Episode Title: "Bob and Ray Parodies"

Summary: Excerpts are played from Arthur Godfrey Time, Suspense, Mr. District Attorney and Dragnet.  Bob and Ray then parody each of the programs in turn.  Mr. District Attorney becomes Mr District Defender and Suspense becomes Anxiety.  The funniest skit is the one about Mr. District Attorney, a series that Bresse introduces as "one of the great shows of the 40s and 50s."  In the skit, a woman has called her stock broker after being approached by a man who wants to sell her an oil investment.  The broker tells her to grab it, she does and soon finds herself being questioned by the D.A.  He tells her that she has been taken in by a confidence man and scolds her for her gullibility.  She replies that her investment has increased by $800,000 since she bought it and he scolds her again on general principles.

Notes: (1) A very enjoyable episode if you like Bob and Ray.  I do not usually find them funny, but they were clever and courageous in their satire; (2) Arthur Godfrey sings "It's Autumn" and we get to hear the now immortal opening theme of his show, "Seems Like Old Times"; (3) The audio quality is excellent.

Larry Maupin