Larry Maupin

Series: The Second Mrs. Burton

Episode Title: "Christmas Bazaar"

Broadcast Date: November 25, 1960.  CBS

Sponsor: Columbia Phonographs

Opening: "CBS Radio brings you "The Second Mrs. Burton," featuring Teri Keane.

Summary: It is the day after Thanksgiving at the home of Stan and Terry Burton.  Hugh and Marsha have just have returned from a Caribbean cruise where they visited Granada, and Stan's mother has cancelled a trip to Paris in order to chair the committee that organizes the annual Christmas Bazaar at the hospital. Upon learning that her rival Gladys Parker has been placed in charge of the art exhibit, Mother Burton tells Terry that she will resign as chairman rather than be humiliated in such a way.  Terry suggests that she instead add a winter flower show and put Gladys in charge of it so she can retain the organization of the art exhibit for herself.

Notes: (1) This is a charming episode which emphasizes the ordinary occurrences of everyday life more than anything melodramatic: (2) the sound quality is perfect, and the only flaw is that the program ends abruptly before the usual farewell delivered by the main characters found in a final episode.

Larry Maupin