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A major thank you to Keith & Joe for the Suspense log.  This is a monumental contribution to collectors and historians of old-time radio.  It should eventually become recognized as a distinguished and timeless chronicle of dramatic radio in American broadcasting.

Wesley Tom
Redlands, CA

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Thank you Joe,
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Subject: [OldTimeRadioResearchers] Superb Suspense log now available as free PDF -- 275+ pages of history and episode casts, and more

This the log of Suspense as complied Keith Scott. He researched it for 40+ years, much of it when he made trips from his native Australia to do animation voices and voiceovers in Hollywood. (Keith was a big fan of the Jay Ward cartoons when he was growing up, and became the voice of Bullwinkle in the 2000 movie The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle. He is the author of The Moose that Roared, an entertaining history of the studio.)

Keith also had access to many private research interviews, and conducted many of his own, with producers, directors, actors, effects artists, and others who participated in the program or influenced its production. Many of these details are new to all us Suspense fans.

The 275+ page document includes a series overview (14,000+ words) and the marvelous log of 944 episodes of the series that includes dates of broadcast, casts, plot summaries, and other important (and entertaining) details. Background of some of the recorded or planned broadcasts that were never aired are also included. Important details of the series audition in 1940 and the role of Alfred Hitchcock in the development of Suspense will be new to many collectors.

Keith is making this available as a free PDF. I have been working with him on a lot of Suspense recordings and topics over the past 3 years, but I have known Keith for almost 40 years. A highlight of my OTR life was not meeting some celebrity, or getting a rare program, it was the day that Keith and I spent at Thousand Oaks Library in June 2019 just going through Suspense and other series! I was so pleased to help Keith with proofing, editing, and working on the desktop publishing of the document.

If you enjoy the document, please email Keith -- his address is on page 3 of the PDF. If you have suggestions for the document, please contact him.

Be sure to also download Keith's Escape log.

Here is a sample page of the Suspense log.


Wesley Tom

Scott Galley

The sheer amount of detail that has gone into a log like this is remarkable. Thanks to historians (many of which are in our group here) we are slowly getting a better understanding of network radio during its golden age. I often bemoan the present, but there really is no better time to be an golden age radio collector.

Thanks to one and all. It's very much appreciated.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada