Favorite Episode Summaries

Larry Maupin

Greetings to everyone, and happy weekend!

I will be sending out the August issue of Radio Recall electronically on August 2nd.  It includes episode summaries posted here a few months ago by Adam Graham, Scott Mahan, Walden Hughes, Joe Webb, Jay Allen, Tim Germain, Paul Fullmer, Evan West and Bob Stepnoe.  I have edited some of them for typos, grammar and sentence logic but have attempted to preserve the spirit of each one and did not intentionally shorten any of them.  The more information you provided, the better.

If you would like to get a copy of the August issue, you can join the Metropolitan Washington Old-Time Radio Club at mwotrc.org for $20.  Members receive 6 issues of Radio Recall and 6 issues of Gather 'Round the Radio each year, as well as an invitation to attend every monthly club meeting on Zoom which all involve a quiz on old-time radio with such questions as "What color was the Lone Ranger's horse?" (I got that answer wrong) and "What was the sponsor of the final episode of Suspense?" (I missed that one too).  Each meeting also features at least one presentation on an old-time radio subject.  Martin Grams gave a great one a few months ago on The Green Lama and his sinister cohort Tulku, complete with many colorful slides.  Joe Webb was featured at the July meeting, and his presentation on Suspense was so good that it drew a round of applause at the conclusion.

If you are not already a member and decide to join (this applies to all group members, not just the nine I have named above), be sure to do so by early next week so you will be on the list to receive the August issue.  You can let me know when you have joined.  The Membership Chairman is Joanie Ferrell, whose email address is membership@....  You can contact her if you have any questions about joining that I have not addressed in this message.


Larry Maupin