SPERDVAC Presents: The Sonic Society

John Gassman


As you may know, SPERDVAC        is doing monthly meetings once again and now virtually.
All are invited to attend via Zoom.
Here is the information for this Saturday's meeting.
Please take note of the email you send to in order to get the zoojm room invitation.
It will also air live on yesterdayusa.com. Choose the blue network.

The Sonic Society, scheduled for Saturday October 16 

SPERDVAC Presents: The Sonic Society

Hello from SPERDVAC!
Is Radio's new "Silver Age" happening under our noses right now? Find out in the second of SPERDVAC’s new program of Zoom interviews with classic and modern audio drama luminaries - with Jack Ward, founder of modern audio drama alliance The Sonic Society, scheduled for Saturday, October 16 beginning at 1:00 p.m. PT / 4:00 p.m. ET. Email sperdvac.meeting@... for an invite to the Zoom meeting!
Ward launched his group as part of the podcast craze in 2014 with shows like “Serial� and “Welcome to Nightvale� that brought greater amounts of modern audio drama to broad audiences for the first time since the 1950s. During the pandemic, Jack produced a virtual radio drama convention: MAD-CON (the "Modern Audio Drama Convention�). MAD-CON will return in 2022 as an in-person event in Halifax Nova Scotia.
The Sonic Society is a weekly audio series highlighting the work of a diverse group of modern audio drama creators heard across Canada and the United States.
In this interview with SPERDVAC’s Walden Hughes, John, and Larry Glassman, Jack will talk about the best shows he highlights, putting together last year’s virtual convention and his expectations for next year’s in-person version.
This Zoom interview will be open to everyone, not just SPERDVAC members, so please feel free to forward this e-mail to anyone you think would be interested.
For more information on Jack’s background, please see: https://jackjward.com/?page_id=5%20http://sonicsociety.org/who-is-jack-ward-in-the-audio-drama-world-anyway/%20https://www.mad-con.com/
Hope to see you Zoom on October 1!
Sean Dougherty
Membership Chairman

JAWS Certified, 2014.