Final Post on Evelyn Winters Distro

Larry Maupin

There are just two items to cover.  First, Larry Gassman kindly sent me two corrections during the course of my releasing the distro.  In one of them he noted that I had used the same title for two different episodes.  I corrected that, and appreciate his alertness in spotting the error.  The other was a date correction, but I was not able to make that because I did not see anything on the list of dates and titles that was different from the date he submitted.

The second item is that with this message I am sending a link to a file Rick Davenport has put together that has a wealth of information about the series, including a description of its theme, a list of actors and actresses who played important roles over the years, and some dates and titles.

Thanks to everyone who has participated in tis distro and for your energy, enthusiasm and involvement in the project.  I have three more lined up to send before the end of winter.


Larry Maupin