Old Radio Times Patreon reminder

Ryan Ellett

As most of you know, OTRR gets 95% of its funds for purchasing new material from our monthly purchasing group. However, we do get a small but much-appreciated amount from the Patrons of our bi-monthly Old Radio Times (The rest comes from the freewill donation button on our website). For as little as $1 per issue you can become a valued supporter. OTRR has made a few large purchases in the last year and Patreon funds have been a part of that. We'd love to have you become a Patron as we get ready to send out the November-December issue! As a perk to those Patrons, they will be getting a link to a newly discovered Lone Ranger episode, confirmed by Martin Grams. The money pledged by our Patrons contributes to the purchase of new collections that is resulting in such ongoing discoveries. Please consider joining before our next issue goes out!

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