New script items in the Joe Hehn Memorial Collection ... AND a missing Lone Ranger recording!

Joe Webb

Santa's arrived a day early!

These pages of script page images have been added to the Joe Hehn Memorial Collection at
Jack Armstrong
Li'l Abner
Lights Out
Mark Trail
Sky King

Please note that many of these are script scans of author's copies submitted to show producers and the copies Joe Hehn had were often fuzzy carbon copies from manual typewriters that the authors kept. The OCR copies that software creates are likely to have lots of computer optical recognition errors. Some of the pages were in bad shape.

Most all of them are for missing programs. The Lights Out are written by Charles Gussman after Oboler left the show. Gussman went on to have a multi-decade career in scriptwriting for radio and TV, and also wrote the year-long serial of Li'l Abner in consultation with creator Al Capp. He sent these scripts from both series to Hehn in the 1960s.

Only one of the Jack Armstrong scripts is available as a recording according to RadioGoldindex. Does anyone have it? It's #2539 1944-10-19.

Go to to see all the new posts at the top of the list. Between the Sky King scripts and the Whispering Streets episodes (new!... posted the other day) there is a missing Lone Ranger episode that is brand new to circulation. The episode was just verified as previously missing and is now document thanks to the research work of one Mr. Martin Grams. It was in Joe Hehn's reels but likely never was circulated much at all in Hehn's time because collectors of the era did not like AFRS/AFRTS recordings and considered them inferior to the real thing. Nowadays, we have come to rely on the finding of many missing episodes of many series on finding AFRS/AFRTS discs. This recording is in marvelous sound. It's at

All of the documents that can be posted on have been posted. These included Hehn's correspondence, fanzine collection, and scripts, as well as photos and scrapbook items. There are some research materials that are still being organized... they are quite haphazard and have been put aside for now. There are still MANY recordings to be posted.

Very soon, there are scripts that will be posted exclusively in the script collection and not on for some private reasons. These were quite a find. They should be available next week.



Paul Kornman

Scripts from the Joe Hehn collection have now been added to the OTRR collection.
47 new Green Hornet scripts
68 Challenge of the Yukon scripts
57 Lone Ranger scripts

Joe Webb

The Hornet, Preston, and Ranger scripts are the ones I teased in my post!
They're up early! It's a Festivus miracle!


Ryan Ellett

I believe the owners of those IPs sometimes request that Internet Archive take down items related to them (though our Lone Ranger set has been up there for some time). So we're not necessarily widely publicizing that those scripts are available on our site.

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On Friday, December 24, 2021, 08:59:08 AM CST, Joe Webb via <drjoewebb@...> wrote:

The Hornet, Preston, and Ranger scripts are the ones I teased in my post!
They're up early! It's a Festivus miracle!