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Ed Wynn's 1949-50 TV series was done live in Los Angeles and kinescoped for the Midwest and East Coast. West Coast viewers saw the show live while East Coast viewers saw it a week or two later as a kinescope. Since most television viewers were on the East Coast at the time, it's generally believed that forcing East Coast viewers to see the Wynn show as a low-quality kinescope was one of the reasons it failed, That was why CBS wanted Lucy and Desi to move to New York and do their show live from there, and why Lucy and Desi wanted to do the show on film. So that no one had to see "I Love Lucy" as a low-quality kinescope. No matter where in the country you watched Lucy, you were going to see an image originally shot on high-quality 35mm film.


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I enjoyed the movle immensely being a huge Lucy fan but I noticed (I think two small errors, please corect me if I'm wrong).

1) At some point someone (I think Lucy??) said that filming it meant that viewers on the East Coast didn't have to see a blurry kinescope. Unless I'm mistaken, the East coast saw most shows live and the kinescope was aired on the West coast. Maybe I head that line wrong.

2) She used the word firewall and after checking it seems the word was a computer terms that didn't come into existence until the 90;s.

FWIW..still thought it was lots of fun.