Yo ho ho and a bottle of Bundaberg Rum

Buddy Lortie

You folks may be interested in the lower half of this email which is a comic strip based on a late 1940's Australian radio series hosted by Ovaltine and featuring Blackbeard.

I'm not sure if any copies survived.


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In the US, all your heroes grew up to be cowboys! Or maybe space cowboys!

But Down Under, they grew up to be Pirates!

Until they didn't.

In the 30's and 40's, there were at least two popular comic strip series whose protagonists took to the sea in ships seeking booty. Lots and lots of booty :)

The best was MIDDY MALONE by Syd Miller.

It was reprinted many times. Unfortunately I don't have scans of any. Want ... NEED ...  :(

Middy Malone
Middy Malone, a book of pirates (1941) 24 pages
Middy Malone and the South Sea pirates (1942) 20 pages
Middy Malone in the lost world (1943) 20 pages
The further adventures of Middy Malone : a book of pirates (1944) 24 pages
Middy Malone's magazine (Fatty Finn Publications 1947-1950) 25 issues. v1#1-v1#12, v2#1-v2#12, v3#1
Middy Malone's Monster Folio (Fatty Finn Publications 1948) 144 pages
Middy Malone's bumper book (Fatty Finn Publications 194?) 192 pages, Has 6 coverless "Middy Malones Magazine"

But I do have scans. 53 in fact. Find at https://ilovecomixarchive.box.com/s/pqrjm2ydbbberw4z4ivz2sy9dn8bytwt

Miller, like other Australia artists, travelled to the US as the depression approached. He spent 2 years in New York attempting to sell MIDDY and surprisingly failed.

I have more Miller at https://ilovecomixarchive.box.com/s/is9cksbypk4nbreib4nf2s6u2twrp5lh but he's probably best known for his FATTY FINN -- see https://ilovecomixarchive.box.com/s/w4nwt5jux9ws664nb9ga1zobbs0l76vh .

Read about Miller at https://www.lambiek.net/artists/n/nicholls_sydney_w.htm

He also created a science fiction strip, RED GREGORY AND THE GLASS MEN in late-30s Smith's Weekly. An underground realm, cloaked figures, rocket planes, battle scenes, sensuous women ... oh my! See https://ilovecomixarchive.box.com/s/pqqazwf0025e1czs9ti4nfv7umqnitac


Then there's SEA ROVER, an ad strip designed to introduce a radio program for the kiddies and fatten them up by adding Ovaltine to their milk. Creators unknown.

I've ingested lots of Ovaltine in my life but couldn't find any radio shows. I'm not even sure they still exist. I was curious if the titles list in my Sea Rover Log also match the rafio episodes. A newspaper search at Trove offered no clues.

I do however have 177 scans covering the 81 strips that appeared in the Melbourne Argus, Sydney Daily Telegraph and Superman All Color Comic; the latter were swiped from Jim Zanotto's AusReprint site while he slept. Shhh ...don't tell him :)

I had to number, rather than date, the strips so they sorted correctly.

What I know about the strip itself comes from FaceBook posts by Danie; Best, Ian Chambers, Roger Stitson and Zanotto.

Find at https://ilovecomixarchive.box.com/s/7dfdou4v4tvo71q2kjglwtlhtd8ngxe0


Art Lortie

PS -- I'm told-- don't really know since coffee and water are the only drinks on my menu -- that Bundaberg Rum is the drink of choice in Australia among the inebriated, even on land.