Theater Five 58th Anniversary

Joe Webb

Tomorrow, June 16, 2022, is the 58th anniversary of the first studio production day of Theater Five. The more we research this series the more fascinating it is. The first production day was for "Hit and Run" by veteran radio writer Robert Cenedella, and has a Whistler-ish conclusion.
Nick Palmer has been writing fresh plot summaries of each episode, with the four missing episode plotlines handled by outside documentation. It's been a stellar effort. Researcher Karl Schadow has been assisting in finding archives of show documents and newspaper details. Many, many others have supplied us with audio collections for us to sift through and find better copies of T5 episodes... and they are still assisting us as there are reel collections still on their way to us.
The Theater Five story needs to be told and told well. We're getting much closer to doing so. The Theater Five blog posts an upgraded episode every day, and will do so until the last one is done at the end of October.
Resources about the series and the research project are at Watch the video presentation about the history and backroom meanderings there.