The Suspense Project: Devil in the Summer House

Joe Webb

Today's Suspense episode is Devil in the Summer House, with Martin Gabel.
John Dickson Carr was a re-user of scripts, with this one from a 1940 BBC production. Oh, what Carr could have accomplished with word processing software and "search and replace" :) Some of these early Suspense scripts would be used on the BBC series Appointment with Fear (unfortunately few exist from this era). He even reused Suspense scripts on the 1948 Cabin B13 series because he could not keep up with the weekly script deadlines. Gabel was married to actress Arlene Francis, a regular on the game show "What's My Line?" He was a member of Orson Welles' Mercury Theater. Welles and Mercury Theater play a major part in Suspense history through its casts, production style, and series concept under William Spier. Where "the summer house" is today, according to the script clues, is actually a densely-populated commuter town in Westchester County, NY on the Hudson River. The area developed after the construction of the the Tappan Zee Bridge and the expansion of the commuter rail system. It's also near a little town called Sleepy Hollow... hmmm.... I've heard that name before... ENJOY!