Suspense: Menace in Wax

Joe Webb

Today's Suspense episode is Menace in Wax, starring Joe Julian. Some of our CBS Radio Mystery Theater fans will recognize his voice from early in that series. He was a mainstay performer for the decades of the radio era. He performed in many of Norman Corwin's heroic wartime productions but also pure escapist series like Inner Sanctum. He was one of those NY actors where if the day on the calendar ended with the letters D-A-Y he was probably in a studio and on the air somewhere in Manhattan. He was strangely caught up in the Red Scare and fought back, like others, to keep their careers moving, though there were hardships along the way. His biography, This Was Radio, is considered a classic. It doesn't dwell on those tough times. The blogpost has links to download the book and learn more about the era and the people who lived it on both sides of the microphone from someone who was immersed in it all. You'll have a deeper appreciation and affection for the era. ENJOY!