The Suspense Project: The Body Snatchers

Joe Webb

Today's Suspense episode is The Body Snatchers, a drama that describes a gruesome criminal activity of the early 19th Century. The demand for medical school cadavers for training and surgical research was higher than legal and ethical methods was providing. Families feared that their recently buried deceased would disappear (freshly closed graves were easier for the perpetrators to re-dig).
The story takes place in Scotland and is based on the Burke and Hare murders, and has a bit of dark humor in its telling. This is one of the last episodes before Suspense implemented its "big star" policy that transformed the series. No reliable cast information has been found for this episode, as has been the case for many of the early series episodes recenytly posted. This is one of the episodes that was also adapted to comic book form a few years later. We have a PDF of the story, renamed "Graveyard Ghouls," from Suspense #1 in today's blogpost.