The Suspense Project: Till Death Do Us Part with Peter Lorre

Joe Webb

Today's Suspense episode is Till Death Do Us Part.
It stars Peter Lorre. He was very popular personality on network radio in drama to comedic appearances to variety shows, but especially as as a dramatic actor. He was a favorite of producer William Spier, and was the first official guest under the show's new star strategy. It got attention in the newspapers, and one of the upstate New York papers said that Lorre was “noted for his characterizations of weird types.” Ummm... Lorre had a broader skill than that. His voice was so distinctive that he was a natural for radio, making it easy for listeners to discern his character from portrayed by others in the cast (it also made him a favorite of mimics and impersonators). The core plot is straightforward for this episode: a jealous husband believes he cannot trust his wife around a young, handsome rival; the story surprises from there. Enjoy!