A Brief Note, Then the Final Listener Report (Number 62)

Larry Maupin

With the submission of this report, I conclude the project.  I would like to thank the owner/moderator of the group for allowing me to post all sixty-two summaries on the message board.

LXII. Program: Young Widder Brown

Broadcast Date: December 22, 1955.  NBC.

Sponsor: Sustained.  U.S. Air Force Recruiting spot at the beginning; promo for "Weekday." a daily news and entertainment program, at the end.

Suggested Episode Title: "Anthony Loring Faces a Trial for Murder"

Opening: "Now, it's time for 'Young Widder Brown'.  The National Broadcasting Company now brings you....the story of the age-old conflict between a woman's duty and a mother's heart."  Then a promo for the U.S. Air Force.  "Herbert Temple, Anthony Loring's friend and lawyer, is in an ante-room at the county jail where Anthony is being held awaiting trial for the murder of his wife Millicent, found stabbed to death a few weeks ago in the Loring home."

Summary:  Ellen Brown and Anthony are in love.  She visits him at the jail, and he asks her to go see his sister Victoria and tell her he is all right.  Attorney Herbert Temple drives Ellen to Victoria's home, and the two women agree to work together to help Anthony despite their dislike for each other.  Victoria mentions, not for the first time, that she thinks the sinister artist Ivan Mansfield could be involved.  

Conclusion: "For the second time Victoria has brought up Ivan Mansfield's name.  Just what is her sudden interest in this treacherous artist?  And in back of her mind, does she plan to use him in a plan to save Anthony Loring?  Will Victoria reveal her plans to save Anthony Loring tomorrow at this same time on 'Young Widder Brown'?"  Then theme music and a spot about "Weekday."  More theme music, then a sign-off by announcer George Ansbro.

Notes: (1) This is the final episode on the disk I received from Ryan.  It is on the disk twice, and once is mis-labeled as "When a Girl Marries", of which there are only three episodes, not four.  The sound quality is very good.

Larry Maupin