An Undated Episode of Just Plain Bill

Larry Maupin

Broadcast Date: 1946 (no month or day listed)

Sponsor: Whitehall Pharmical Company (commercials for Heet Linament, Anacin and Bisodol Mints)

Suggested Episode Title: "Judith Thinks Leslie Groves Murdered Evelyn"

Summary: The episode is ushered in by "Polly-Wolly Doodle" played vigorously on the harmonica.  This outstanding program is a continuation of the "Basket of Fruit" story line.  Evelyn Groves was drowned in the lake at Huckleberry Hill just as she was in the process of changing her will to exclude her husband Leslie and leave everything to her mother Judith Seymour.  In this episode Judith concludes that Leslie, upon learning about the will, flew into a rage, drowned Evelyn by tipping over her boat, and then tried to frame Judith.  An interesting revelation here is that Judith and Leslie appear to have been lovers prior to and perhaps even for a time after Evelyn's death.

Larry Maupin