An Untitled Episode of Just Plain Bill

Larry Maupin

Broadcast Date: Tuesday, February 22, 1949

Sponsors: Heet Lineament, Anacin

Episode Title: "A Possible Case of Arson"

Summary: In the small town of Hiawatha, bad blood exists between Grant Sutton and Eric Marshall.  Eric has accused Grant of murdering attorney Anson Grayling, and Grant thinks Eric is just trying to frame him and steal his son.  The two almost come to blows outside Humphrey Fuller's general store while Humphrey and his daughter Pearl are trapped inside as a fire blazes out of control in the building.  Bill scolds both Grant and Eric for not having their priorities straight.  Then Pearl appears at an upstairs window which is bellowing smoke and flames.  Will she be rescued tomorrow on Just Plain Bill?

Larry Maupin