An Untitled Episode of The Guiding Light

Larry Maupin

Broadcast Date:  No date listed.  The only identifying feature is what appears to be the series number 0838.

Sponsor: Duz ("D-U-Z does everything!")

Suggested Episode Title: "Adoption"

Summary:  Ray Brandon is speaking with Chuckie's psychologist about the bitter custody battle that Meta Bauer and Ted White are engaged in over Meta's unfortunately nicknamed child.  The doctor notes that while it is best for a child to be raised by two parents, in this case Chuckie doesn't seem to like Ted.  Ray and his wife adopted Chuckie after Meta bore him out of wedlock but then gave him back to her after she married Ted.  Now the Brandons want to adopt another child, but Ray wonders if surrendering Chuckie to Meta will be held against them.

Notes: (1) I don't know if giving a child an atrocious nickname can be construed as child abuse, but radio soap opera couples did not have very good taste in that area.  In Just Plain Bill, for example, Bill's grandson is nicknamed "Wiki".  In Stella Dallas Stella calls her daughter "Lollie Baby", but Laurel (a really beautiful name) seems to have grown up without being traumatized by it; (2) This episode can be heard only with great concentration due to blurring throughout.  It needs to be edited for sound or possibly replaced if a better one can be located.

Larry Maupin