Attempting a Mac Version of Database Program

Wild West Designs

I finally found an SDK that allowed for cross compilation to try to get the database program up and running.

Using the Godot Game Engine (I know it sounds weird using a Game Engine, but thankfully it has a low processor mode that helps with redrawing and thus RAM usage).

Click here to get a version of otrDB for Linux, Windows and/or Mac.

Now the Mac version is for the Intel version (I think that Godot will have M1 support with Version 4, but when that will be released, I dunno).  You may be able to use Rosetta (or whatever the compatibility layer is) and see if it will work in some form on M1.  While I was able to confirm that Linux and Windows versions work as expected in the program's current form, I cannot verify the Mac version, so if you have a Mac and would like to let me know if it works or not, I would appreciate the feedback.

The program has basic CRUD functionality, when I have time, I'm going to see about adding import/export table functionality using CSV files.  Make it easier for people to make, confirm accuracy and share those changes as well instead of relying on one source for all updates.

Some functionality to add:

Notes section:
At least add a word search functionality, if not search/replace as well (if that is desired).
Can actually make it more of a full blown editor if need be, depends on if there is enough demand for it

Import/Export using CSV Files
Cohesive theming of the program, no theming has been done at this stage
Functionality to the table headers to do ASC/DES for Exists, Date, Episode Number, Episode Name
Also see about adding a Comments column to all the tables in order to add story synopsis as well.

Thoughts, concerns, comments?

Thanks and hope y'all like it so far,

Evan West