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I've been playing around with a "younger" DAW (compared to Ardour and Soundbooth/Audition) called AudioNodes.  It's not a bad little DAW.  It is Electron based, so that does come with certain caveats and performance considerations, but overall not all that bad (I wish webview was used more instead of Electron, but I digress).  Been using it for some dialog audio that I've been working on for a game that I'm developing.  I do think the Windows version does have some support for VST plugins (although I think it's still beta), but I cannot confirm as I'm running Linux and only have access to Windows via VMs and VMing can produce some hinky results that wouldn't be there for bare metal usage.

Because it is Electron and it is essentially a web app, it does have an online version as well.

It is free for usage, even commercial, but they do have a subscription option for extra features (can't get away with subscriptions in today's software market, but at least it isn't required in this case).

Anyway, I thought I would mention it, I don't consider the UI as daunting as some other DAWs and I know that has been a concern for some, so I thought I would mention it, if wanting a little more then Audacity (which isn't a true DAW and given how things are going with them, I have to wonder what direction that project is going to be going in).


Evan West

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