Audition Recording of "Violence"

Larry Maupin

Broadcast Date: Thursday, May 8, 1952.  CBS.

Sponsor: None.  There is a Public Service Announcement for The American Cancer Society.

Episode Title: "The Case of Arthur Bowman"

Cast: Harry Bartell, Virginia Gregg, Ted Osborne, Jeanette Nolan.  Directed by Norman McDonald.

Summary: Dr. Richard Morley is a consultant for a local police department.  He takes on mild mannered Arthur Bowman as a referral.  Bowman is an accountant who could use some assertiveness training.  His boss intimidates him and his wife Mae treats him with scorn.  He begins to experience moments of uncontrollable rage in which he frightens his wife and children.  One amusing detail is that he seems to hate his own children but still loves his shrewish wife.  One morning he runs over the family dog with his car as he is leaving for work.  Finally he murders someone who has the poor judgment to mock him at just the wrong time.  His defense attorney enters a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity.

Bowman is a Walter Mitty type and is actually a sympathetic character who seems to be a better person than the assortment of drunks and bullies who surround him.  Of course killing someone is a no-no and is not explicitly condoned by the script.  I thought he might wipe out his entire family, but he stops short of that.

Larry Maupin