Download Radio Playhouse at

David Oxford

I thought I’d point out that the Purchasing Group made 149 episodes available to the OTRR Library a year or so ago. When I went to I couldn’t find the series. When I went to and did a search for Radio Playhouse the 149 files showed up.

The series is in excellent sound and can be freely downloaded.

Perhaps the link can be fixed.

David Oxford

Paul Kornman

That Library web structure was set up years ago, and is a minor pain to keep updated. It's one of the reasons I went to the database-driven interface that is in the new location.

It's on my todo list - go through all those listings and note and then fix those links that need updating.

If anyone's interested in helping with this task, let me know.
What's involved:
1) click on each link to see if it's valid
2) If it's invalid, look at the list of valid folders (in a spreadsheet) and either note its proper location or mark it for deletion.

P.S. I'm expecting an influx of about 15,000 new (not OTRRPG) episodes into the Library in the coming weeks.

- Paul Kornman