Episode Summary of "Tell Me A Story" Audition Recording

Larry Maupin

Broadcast Date: May 7, 1946

Episode Title: "The Pond"

Persons Identified: Ida Lupino in lead role; Carlton E. Morse as writer and producer: Frank Martin announcer.

Summary: Lucy Martin, a lonely suburban housewife, has a dream in which she is dead and is floating just beneath a sheet of ice near the surface of a pond on the property that she and her husband Jack own.  The date when the story begins is late January, and in her dream the date of her death will be on a Friday that is the third day of the month.  She notices on a calendar that the first Friday in February falls on the third that year.  One would expect her to stay as far away from the pond as possible that day, but she becomes convinced that her husband doesn't love her and decides to drown herself in it.

Notes: (1) This series was built on the idea that a story of a different woman would be told every week.  "The Pond" is about a frightened woman, and next week's episode "The Dark Horse" will be about a spiteful woman; (2) The audition recording has a lot of beautiful music, but the plot strains the willing suspension of disbelief that a generous listener is usually happy to indulge in.  Anyone immature enough to attempt suicide just because her husband hurt her feelings is difficult to take seriously.  Some may disagree, however, and may find it more compelling than I do: (3) If the fifteen audition shows that I will be summarizing are ultimately uploaded to the Internet Archive as a set, this one will probably get a brief mention in a neutral tone in the review I will write afterwards.

Larry Maupin