Episode Summary of "The Story of Holiday Wilde" Audition Recording

Larry Maupin

Broadcast Date: 1947 (no day or month indicated)

Episode Title: "Mr. Fortune and the Court of Shanghai"

Cast: Gloria Blondell in the title role; Gerald Mohr as Lucien Courtney; Bea Benadaret as Irena: Ben Wright as a police inspector.

Summary: Holly goes to China to look for her father, who has gone missing and may be dead.  She encounters an unsavory group of people, is arrested for murder, escapes and ultimately departs for Hong Kong to continue her search.  

I think the best thing about the episode is its rich, convincing local color.  Shanghai is portrayed as a thriving industrial port which has a heavy volume of trade.  Holly's first stop after checking into a hotel is at the Sou Chou Importing Company.  She slao finds herself in a curio shop on Nanking Road, and her father was reportedly a recent guest at The Empress Hotel.  A gong sounds twice during the program from the Riverfront Fire Watch.

Note: At the conclusion the announcer states "Holiday Wilde" comes to you from Hollywood.  This is the Mutual Broadcasting System."

Larry Maupin