Episode Summary of the "Tommy Sosebee Show" Audition Recording

Larry Maupin

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, November 5, 1952.  Transcribed at WSM-Nashville.

Performers: Tommy Sosebee as host and singer, Owen Bradley and The Belltones, The Anita Kerr Singers.  Announcer Dave Overton.

Sponsors: Colgate Palmolive's Ajax, Vel Dishwashing Liquid and Vito Cream Deodorant.

Musical Numbers: "The Crawdad Song," "Lazy Day," "Bye Bye Blues" and "One More Angel."

Notes: (1) The show is 15:39 in length and appears to be intact; (2) Some of the commercials are sung, and others are catchy.  Ajax "floats dirt and stain right down the drain" and "Vito says no-no to underarm odor"; (3) This is a lively fifteen minutes and is very enjoyable to hear.  It may have had a regional run in the South because it was produced in Nashville, so perhaps one day other episodes will be discovered.

Larry Maupin