C. Nava

Hi Ryan,

You sent me
FKB520911 "Watching the Dog"
FKB520918 "Weekend Activity"
FKB520925 "Should Women Work"
Father Knows Best 52-08-25-1 "No title" - Betty tells the family she want to get married.

The quality of the first three was excellent. Clean, rich, smooth audio. There was one tiny glitch in the audience laughter early on in "Watching the Dog."

The last one was ... fine. It was perfectly audible, but had thinner voice quality. This was more noticeable at the beginning, but that could have been my ear adjusting to the sound.

It felt as though there might have been some sort of background noise that someone had removed, taking a bit of the richness of the voices with it.

None of them had any other glitches, dropouts, or odd distortions. I like FKB. I'd happily listen to another set.


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Two new resources have been added to our sites: Thanks to the scanning efforts of Martin Grams and John Nicholson we've added issues 115-129 and 131-143 of Bob Burchett's defunct Old Time Radio Digest to our main site ( and our collection of Mystery is My Hobby (not a Moderated set) has been made live in our library under "M" ( 

Ryan Ellett

Thanks, Claire! Looking at both Haendiges' and Goldin's logs, the 51-08-23 episode appears to be episode 1 (per Goldin's description) because it's the same script as the audition but with the Maxwell advertisement and the same script as 1953-11-12 (which advertises Post Bran Flakes).