Fun with FFMPEG

Wild West Designs

FFMPEG is one of those projects that I use for a lot of my a/v editing needs.  It's used under the hood for a lot of programs as well (Blender, Krita, Dragonframe, Handbrake, Ardour, VLC etc).  Just great for all around editing/playing.  Only downside is that it's CLI based with the traditional means of inputting commands, that's why those other programs do well, everything is handled graphically. 

Anyway, what some may not know is that it has a built in player called FFPLAY.  This allows for just straight playing the audio and/or video files that you want to (I actually use it for this purpose and no longer have VLC installed), local and non local sources.  I had written a CLI program that works with FFMPEG for a few stations (most are OTR, but one is an 80s hard rock station and another is an xmas station) that hides the lengthy commands of FFPLAY to where it's easier to use.  While over the past couple of days, spent porting that to a TUI.  Still command line, but has mouse integration as well as tab menu functionality. Did add quite a bit to the size though, originally approx 44KB without the TUI, now it's 483KB with the TUI.

Attached are the pictures.  I am using a different terminal in the pictures called "cool retro term".  Simulates old Cathode tubs and the glow around the text.  When it's on a regular terminal, all that "extra stuff" isn't there.

Anyway, for those that do a lot of editing, may want to look at FFMPEG, not all of the above programs expose all of the options that it's capable of and it's really a nice all around editing/playing tool and if running more constrained hardware (needs to be relatively recent, but it handles better compared to some GUI programs that run it under the hood, but have massive GUI frameworks that add to RAM usage (looking at 30MB for both programs (1MB approx for my TUI and 28MB approx for FFMPEG, certainly better than running a GUI audio player).

Evan West