Go fund me campaign for Yesterday USA

Walden Hughes

Hi all,

We at Yesterdayusa.net have begun this GoFundMe fundraiser.

We hope you will spread the word on your own pages.




YESTERDAY USA has been streaming live on the Internet (and satellite radio) since 1983. For almost forty years we have been providing old-time radio programs, along with original documentaries and exclusive celebrity interviews to help preserve past network broadcasting. Historians, scholars, museum curators and other luminaries have been among the guests. During the coming year we plan to produce a number of documentaries but the costs involved for production require us to launch this Go Fund Me.


Documentaries, like any production, have overhead, which is why we are asking for your support. We do not sell the documentaries, nor release them commercially. We offer them to the masses for free on our Internet radio station, along with old-time radio shows. But financial reimbursement is needed. Please help us keep this momentum going for another year. We hope you continue enjoying the 24-hour programming the radio station will continue to provide in this new year.