Good Old Days of Radio Podcast -- the craziest Suspense episode ever! "Fury and Sound"

Joe Webb

Fury and Sound is the Good Old Days of Radio podcast today. It really is the craziest Suspense episode ever... and is actually an inside-joke roast of producer William Spier by his mentors and friends
The cover picture is Norman Lloyd, Lurene Tuttle, sound effects artist Berne Surrey, producer William Spier, and studio engineer Ted Denton. It's Surrey raising his shirt to show the microphone he taped to his chest for the heart beat that drives the main character crazy. Surrey would go to medical school while he was still working at CBS and became a physician.
The jokes start right at the beginning... the announced co-star with Norman Lloyd is "Mark Humboldt." The publicity announces Humboldt and it's picked up by many newspapers... but he doesn't exist! And neither does actor "Clifton Cromwell" who is also in the credits You may want to have this at hand when you listen because the inside jokes and characterizations run through the entire story That web page has the actual casting. Enjoy the ride!