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Joe Webb

Radio Talking Books Service presents "The Dusty Attic" tribute to newspapers and newspaper reporters of the classic radio era.
Dr. Joe Webb hosts this four-week exploration of the role of newspapers in society and their depiction in audio dramas.
The first installment is Saturday, January 7, and is repeated on Sunday. Here are the details...
Listen to the stream at https://rtbs.org  or with the TuneIn radio service
The weekly "Dusty Attic" program can be heard at 11pm ET on Saturday and repeated again at 10pm ET Sunday.
Saturday January 7 11pm / Sunday January 8 10pm
  • The Big Story - Audition show 1946-02-05 Feature Assignment (never aired) - the original plans for the series were a bit different than when The Big Story came to the air in 1947; this is the famous story about a young man sent to prison, framed for a murder to cover up police corruption during Prohibition; he was freed many years later after his mother, who cleaned offices overnight for many years, so she could offer her life savings as a cash reward to someone, anyone, who would finally step forward with the truth
  • Screen Director's Playhouse 1949-12-09 Call Northside 777 starring Jimmy Stewart - Hollywood offers a superb treatment of the very same news story, with Jimmy Stewart's top-notch radio acting skills and a big-budget production
Saturday January 14 11pm / Sunday January 15 10pm
  • Night Beat - 1951-06-08 Search for Fred - a case of rabies paralyzes Chicago, with Frank Lovejoy as Randy Stone in one of classic radio's finest series 
  • Big Town - 1939-07-14 Deep Death - Edward G. Robinson covers a tragic story of a mine collapse and its far-reaching implications for the industry
Saturday January 21 11pm / Sunday January 22 10pm
  • The Big Story 1950-12-06 Bernard Beckwith, Denver Post reporter, encounters a peculiar carpenter who keeps changing the story of his wife's mysterious death
  • Casey, Crime Photographer 1947-05-08 The Laughing Killer - a former bandleader is out of prison, framed for a murder he didn't commit, the kind of story that always drove Casey to find the truth
Saturday January 28 11pm / Sunday January 29 10pm
  • Night Beat - 1952-07-03 The Old Itch - Randy Stone is driven to his wits end by a reporter, played by real-life wife Joan Banks, whom Randy finds attractive and frustrating as a competitor; it's clear that Frank and Joan are having a marvelous time performing in a script expressly written for their talents and their personal affection 
  • Casey, Crime Photographer - 1947-03-20 The Demon Miner - A rejected Shadow script is re-written to become one of the most exciting Casey episodes ever produced.
Many thanks to retired reporter Bob Stepno (jheroes.com), professor Matt Nunes, Frank Lovejoy enthusiasts Don Ramlow and Karl Schadow, and many others whose research and encouragement were essential to these presentations.
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