I Love a Mystery

Jim Jones

I noticed that the "I Love a Mystery" files on the OTRR site need to be re-organized. Some dates are in the form 391011, others are 39.10.11, and some are listed as 39-10-11. The files therefore do not come up in order. Some shows list episode number in file name, some list it as Part# on the end.......... 

The play dates for this series are pretty well documented. The dates for the 1939 series "The Thing That Cries in the Night" are incorrect and easily fixable. 

I will be glad to correct these errors or submit a spreadsheet with the listed corrections.


Paul Kornman

I'm reluctant to change the file names themselves. Not having to sort by filename is one of the reasons I moved to the new Library interface:

I'll take any updated information you have. I can provide you a spreadsheet of the data as is or you can send me updated data - whatever is easier for you.

- Paul