I Love a Mystery Spreadsheet

Jim Jones

The last ILAM topic was getting long, so I thought I would start a new one.

For those who have been wanting to upgrade their ILAM I have attached the spreadsheet I have been working on for the last couple of weeks. Hopefully, it will clarify many of the errors in the collection. Also, as we build an accurate database, this will help eliminate the many dupes and mislabeled shows. 

The shows are from the OTRR library, and not my collection. 

In order to determine the accuracy of a show, IT IS IMPORTANT TO KNOW THAT ILAM RAN IN TWO DIFFERENT TIME FRAMES. The first came from Hollywood between 1939-1944. The second series used the same scripts, but was transcribed from NY between 1949-1952. The two series used different actors and were broadcast on different networks. To determine the validity of a file, using file length, size and bitrate is not enough. There are too many dupes with varying time and size. We need to identify actors, networks, or commercial products. This info can sometimes be found in both the intros and the endings of a show. To add to the confusion, there are also 2 recreations in the mix. I have tried annotate all this information on the attached spreadsheet. 

  1. Important sorting info can be found at top of the page.
  2. Any red is BAD. Red indicates duplicate files, wrong dates, wrong period (1st or 2nd series).
  3. Yellow background is Good. Date is correct for that series. (still could be misdated).
  4. Purple background means it is a dupe in that series.
  5. The last column is the first spoken line after the intro or commercial. Sometimes it is the announcer, sometimes it is a character. As many files sizes are the same, this is important in determine dupes.
  6. The blue background shows the actors who SHOULD be in that series.
  7. I have not finished listening to and analyzing the 30 minute shows. They are such a mess that I have to go back and re-do them.

In a week or two I will start compiling shows, correcting dates, and eliminating dupes. 

Questions? Drop me a line.


Jim Jones

I have finished and attached a completed spreadsheet for the ILAM files in the OTRR library. The last column is a first spoken line after any intro or commercial. This was quite time-consuming, but will help identify dupes (which there are lots of).

Next week I will start compiling shows. I will provide a link to my pcloud account to allow uploads. 

Happy Easter.