Listener Report Number 30

Larry Maupin

XXX. Program: Pepper Young's Family

Broadcast Date: November 17, 1941

Sponsor: Crisco and Proctor&Gamble White Naptha Soap

Suggested Episode Title: "Mary Plans Urgent Trip To Chicago"

Opening: Commercial for Crisco.  Then a commercial for White Naptha Soap.

Summary: Nancy Wayne has consented to marry Curt Bradley, and she travels to Chicago from Elmwood to see him while he is there on business.  But she then proceeds on to New York instead, leaving word that she has decided that her marriage to Curt would be all wrong.  Mary Young then makes up her mind to go to Chicago to help Curt.  He has had a debilitating emotional breakdown in the past, and Mary is afraid that his many business worries plus the loss of Nancy will precipitate another one.  She will take a train to Chicago.

Closing: Theme music, then "And as Mary Young speaks of getting to Chicago in time to help Curt Bradley, Sam Young looks at her admiringly and affectionately.  Yes, after all these years he can still be amazed at his own good fortune to have a woman like Mary Young for a wife."

Note: Very good audio quality throughout.

Larry Maupin