Listener Report Number 34

Larry Maupin

Program: Pepper Young's Family

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, September 7, 1937

Sponsor: Proctor&Gamble

Episode Title: "Peggy Talks To Frank Hastings" is the OTRR Library title for this episode.

Opening: Theme music, then "'Pepper Young's Family', the true to life story of your friends the Youngs.  Presented by Proctor&Gamble, the soaps for beautiful women."  Then a commercial for Camay.

Summary: Almost this entire episode consists of a conversation between Frank Hastings, a young man who has already been to college, and Peggy Young.  Frank knows that her father is now Mayor of Elmwood, and hopes that once she hears his story she will offer to speak to him on Frank's behalf.  It is morning in Elmwood, and Frank persuades Peggy to be late for high school and take a ride with him in his car.  Frank tells Peggy that he wants to get the commission to draw up the plans to build a new schoolhouse in Elmwood, which would get his fledgling career as a draftsman "off to a great start."  "If I could make the plans for that school, just have something to point to that I'd done, I think I'd be on my way."  Peggy replies, "It means a lot to you, doesn't it?"  Frank says "It means everything."

Conclusion: Theme music, then "What about Frank Hastings?  If a poor boy who had managed to make something of himself [and] to get an education spoke to you as he did to Peggy, what would be your reaction?  Does he have a terrible inferiority feeling or is he trying to put something over on Peggy?  What will Mr. Young say when Peggy asks him to do something for Frank?  Don't miss tomorrow's development."  Then another commercial for Camay.  Then "Be sure to listen tomorrow."

Notes: (1) The Camay commercial announces the deadline for entering a contest as "Saturday night, September 10th."  Thus we know that the broadcast date is Wednesday; (2) The audio quality is good throughout.

Larry Maupin