Listener Report Number 61

Larry Maupin

LXI. Program: When a Girl Marries

Broadcast Date: November 3, 1948

Sponsor: Calumet Baking Powder

Suggested Episode Title: "Harry's Kidnapper Becomes Desperate"

Opening: Theme music, then introduction followed by Calumet commercial ("with a picture of the Calumet Injun' chief on the big bright red can").  "And now 'When a Girl Marries', the story of Joan and Harry Davis."

Summary: Ann is alone in her suite at the Summerville Hotel.  She debates what to do next, and vows to get what she wants no matter who it hurts.  A line is obscure in which she seems to be thinking of herself as Peter Stanley's mistress.

The next scene takes us to Harry Davis, who is still somewhere between Sandwood and his home in Beechwood.  His captor plans to take Harry's car and escape, but insists on taking Harry with him until he has completely worked out his strategy.  Then we go to the Davis farm house, where it is four o'clock in the morning.  Joan has become hysterical from worry about what has happened to Harry, and Mother Davis tries to calm her down.  Joan decides to call the police.

Closing: "We'll be back with you in a moment.  Then a Calumet commercial.  "So there until tomorrow at the same time we leave the story of 'When a Girl Marries'. written by Elaine Carrington.  Your narrator is Charles Black."

Notes: (1) This episode does not have as much substance as the two prior ones; (2) The recording could use some additional sound editing.  Quite a few words cannot be heard clearly enough to be understood.

Larry Maupin