Listener Reports 33 and 34

Larry Maupin

XXXIII. Program: Pepper Young's Family

Broadcast Date: Friday, August 10, 1945

Sponsor: Camay Beauty Soap:

Episode Title: "Pepper Plans To Marry Diana" according to the OTRR Library listing.

Opening: A war bulletin, then a commercial for Camay.  "And now 'Pepper Young's Family', written by Elaine Carrington."

Summary: Early afternoon on a hot summer day at the home of Sam and Mary Young in Elmwood.  Daughter Peggy comes in while Mary is taking a nap, Mary comes downstairs, maid Hattie serves lemonade and cinnamon toast, and the  three women chat.  Peggy is pregnant and very happy; husband Carter treats her wonderfully.  Pepper plans to be married to Diana on Labor Day.  Mary reads a letter from Sam at their lake house which raises the question of whether Linda Benton might be the woman really meant for Pepper.

Conclusion: Another commercial for Camay, then theme music.  Then "Now this is Alan Kent inviting you to listen again on Monday."

Notes: (1) This episode is strikingly domestic, and gives a good flavor of what life must have been like in small town America in August of 1945.  Roosevelt had died in April, Truman was president, and the war was almost over; (2) The audio quality is fair.  Near the end, Sam seems to be pondering whether he has done something that will make it impossible for Diana to marry Pepper, but the words are too indistinct to understand.

Larry Maupin