Listener Reports 35 and 36

Larry Maupin

XXXV. Program: Pepper Young's Family

Broadcast Date: December 22, 1955.  Recorded on KNBC-San Francisco.

Sponsor: Proctor&Gamble (Fluffo Shortening; Tide)

Episode Title: "Pepper Gets a Job As Publicity Man" according to the OTRR Library listing.

Opening: Music, A commercial for Fluffo.  "And now, 'Pepper Young's Family'."

Summary: "A little before nine o'clock" in the morning at Elmwood East oil well.  Pepper parks his car and enters the wooden shack that serves as the well's office.  Dave Wallace greets him and soon offers him a job doing public relations for the company.  Pepper accepts, and the two discuss various matters: how Pepper's sister Peggy is taking the death of her husband Carter Trent; the history of the well, the relationship of the Young family to the land on which it is located; the ordeal that led to Carter's death; the grave illness of Ivy Trent, Carter's mother, and her loss of the will to live; and Dr. Thomas's concern about Peggy.

Conclusion: A commercial for Tide.  Then "And now this is Bill Lazarre, inviting you to listen again tomorrow to 'Pepper Young's Family', brought to you by Proctor&Gamble's Fluffo, the fluffy rich shortening that's golden yellow.  Get Fluffo for a new kind of pies, cakes and fried foods.  Better looking, better tasting, better in every way than ever possible before.  This is the NBC Radio Network."

Notes: (1) This is the last episode of "Pepper Young's Family" on the disk, and it is mostly notable for the vast amount of background information it gives on much of what preceded it.  We even learn who Pepper decided to marry after a much earlier episode left that up in the air: (2) The audio quality is excellent throughout.

XXXVI. Program: Perry Mason

Broadcast Date: November 3, 1949

Sponsor: Tide

Episode Title: "Honeymoon Murder Case-Part 1" according to the OTRR Library listing.

Opening: Theme music, then Perry Mason, defender of  human rights, champion of all those who seek justice."  Then a commercial for Tide.

Summary: Barbara Smith is on trial for murder.  Mr. Bissell, a Justice of the Peace from Meredith, testifies that he "married Barbara and Donald Smith about five hours after [Wilfred] Farmer was murdered."  He goes on to say that they seemed very frightened and that he remembers remarking to his wife, "I'll just bet there is something wrong with those two."  Then Lieutenant Tragg is called to the stand by Mr. Noble, the prosecutor.  Since it is late afternoon, however, court is adjourned before he can be located.  Tomorrow the prosecution's surprise witness Alan Whitlock will testify.

Conclusion: A Tide commercial.  Then "Perry Mason, the famous character created by Earl Stanley Gardner, is brought to you by Tide, Proctor&Gamble's amazing new discovery for your whole family wash."  Then "This is CBS, the Columbia Broadcasting System."

Note: The audio quality is mostly very good.  Only a few words are difficult to understand.

Larry Maupin