Listener Reports Number 29

Larry Maupin

XXIX. Program: Pepper Young's Family

Broadcast Date: Wednesday, September 7, 1937

Sponsor: Proctor&Gamble

Episode Title: "Peggy Talks to Frank Hastings" is the OTRR Library title for this episode.

Opening: Theme music, then "'Pepper Young's Family', the true to life story of your friends the Youngs.  Presented by Proctor&Gamble, makers of the soaps for beautiful women."  Then a commercial for Camay.

Summary: Almost the entire episode involves a conversation between Peggy Young, who is in high school, and Frank Hastings, a young man who has already been to college and is trying to start his career in Elmwood as a draftsman.  He persuades Peggy to take a ride with him and skip the first hour or so of school so they can talk.  During their discussion he reveals that he has always wanted to date her, and that his ambition is to get the commission to draw up the plans to build a new schoolhouse in Elmwood.  "If I could make the plans for that school, just have something to point to that I'd done, I think I'd be on may way" he tells her.  Peggy's father is the mayor, and she thinks he might help Frank.

Conclusion: Theme music, then "What about Frank Hastings?  If a poor boy who had managed to get an education and make something of himself spoke to you as he did to Peggy, what would be your reaction?  Does he have a terrible inferiority feeling or is he trying to put something over on Peggy?  What will Mr. Young say when Peggy asks him to do what he can for Frank?  Don't miss tomorrow's development." Then another commercial for Camay.

Notes: (1) Most of the soap opera episodes in the group of recently acquired programs that I am working my way through, including this one, are very good with little or no violence and focus on matters of the hearth, home and heart in the lives of characters who are interesting and good people just making their way through life with courage and dignity; (2) The audio quality of this encode is fair to good.   

Larry Maupin