Listener Reports Number 31 and 32

Larry Maupin

XXXI. Program; Pepper Young's Family

Broadcast Date: 1941 (Day and month not listed)

Sponsor: Proctor&Gamble (Lava, White Naptha Soap)

Suggested Episode Title: The Youngs Prepare For Visitors

Opening: Theme music, then a commercial for White Naptha Soap.

Summary: The scene is the Young family home in Elmwood.  They are all a-flutter over the expected visit of Carter Trent's family from Chicago.  Peggy and Carter plan to be married after Peggy graduates from high school.  Hattie is preparing breakfast, and Mary hopes the fabulously wealthy Trents will be content with an afternoon tea (since they are not planning to stay overnight) with some scones, plum jelly, and cheese on toast.  They have not told Carter about their trip.

Pepper comes down for breakfast, then Peggy's classmate Edie pays a visit from next door.  Edie is "simply bursting in two" to see what the Trents look like. 

Closing: Theme music, then the announcer says "Uh-oh!  I feel trouble in my bones.  Well, a cat may look at a king, and maybe it's all right for Edie to take just one look at the Trents.  But when was Edie ever satisfied with just a look?"

Note: The audio quality is fair.

XXXII. Program: Pepper Young's Family

Broadcast Date: November 5, 1944

Sponsor: Camay

Episode Title: "Carter and Peggy Say Goodbye" according to the OTRR Library listing.

Opening: (1) Theme music, then a commercial for Camay.  "And now, 'Pepper Young's Family'."

Summary: This is an unremarkable episode that consists entirely of Peggy Young and Carter Trent discussing their love for each other and their future together.

Conclusion: "Carter's hand is in Peggy's as they walk along through the snow going home to the Young house.  And he realizes that he has everything in the world in having her.  That this is happiness.  This is what all men strive for.  This is it." Then another commercial for Camay.  Then "Pepper Young hears some surprising news from his mother.  Surprising and troubling.  Be sure to listen to 'Pepper Young's Family' tomorrow."  Finally, an admonition to listeners "not to waste soap during war time."  The announcer is Alan Kent.

Notes: (1) The OTRR Library episode title is inaccurate.  Peggy and Carter do not say goodbye in this episode, although they do discuss his leaving for a time in the near future; (2) The audio quality is excellent throughout.  

Larry Maupin