Listener Reports Number 37 and 38

Larry Maupin

XXXVII. Program: Perry Mason

Broadcast Date: Friday, November 4, 1949

Sponsor: Tide

Episode Title: "The Honeymoon Murder Case: Part 2"

Opening: "Perry Mason, brought to you by Tide, Proctor&Gamble's new washday miracle."  Theme music, then a commercial for Tide.

Summary: Judge Newman's courtroom.  Lieutenant Tragg takes the stand and identifies a woman's glove with bloodstains on it that was found in connection with the murder of Wilfred Palmer.  It was discovered on the stairway leading to Palmer's apartment.  The defense admits that Martha Smith owns the glove.  Then the prosecution calls Alice Whitlock to the stand.  She was a neighbor of Palmer's. and testifies that she saw Martha Smith "coming out of Wilfred Palmer's apartment about two minutes after he was murdered."

Conclusion: "Well, there it is.  A flat identification that puts Martha right on the scene immediately after the murder was committed.  But, Perry Mason, if you go after Alice Whitlock too hard, if you begin to shake her story, you yourself, Perry, are going to be in jeopardy.  As we shall learn.  Join us Monday next, won't you?"  Then another commercial for Tide.  Then "This is the Columbia Broadcasting System."

Note: (1) Some of the characters' names sound different than in the episode on November 3, 1949.  The encode is very good, so I think this may be due to a lack of distinct articulation by the actors.  Perhaps someone with more acute hearing would be able to distinguish "Alan" from "Alice" and "Farmer" from "Palmer" better than I can.

XXXVIII. Program Title: Perry Mason

Broadcast Date: 1950 (day and month not specified)

Sponsor: Tide

Suggested Episode Title: "The Double"

Opening: Music, then a commercial for Tide.

Summary: The first scene is Lieutenant Tragg's office.  Perry and Della pay Tragg a visit to discuss the impending arrest of Walter Bock for murder.  Helen Henderson will be the prosecution's star witness.  The three are concerned that Bock may try to have Helen killed on her way to the courtroom. 

In the second scene, Walter Bock's attorney brings a woman named "Marilyn Irma Schneider, Ph.D." to see him.  Dr. Schneider is an experimental psychologist.  At first Bock tells her that he wants to "create a double" of an existing person.  Later, he seems to amend that by telling her that she will have a unique opportunity to completely remake a personality, to mold "living clay" into someone totally different.

Conclusion: "Was the clay Walter Bock and Dr. Schneider referred to as  Elise Scott the girl Walter Bock once molded and trained in the image of Helen Henderson?  So it's obvious that Perry Mason's precautions for his witness's safety are vitally important.  But will they be enough?"  Then another Tide commercial and theme music.  Then "This is CBS, the Columbia Broadcasting System.

Notes: (1) A really good, suspenseful episode with an intriguing plot.  Walter Bock is not portrayed as a common thug, but rather as a cultured, articulate man who is interesting in his own right; (2) The audio quality is excellent. 


Larry Maupin