Listener Reports Number 43 and 44

Larry Maupin

XLIII. Program: The Right To Happiness

Broadcast Date: Friday, August 10, 1945.  3:45-4:00pm Eastern War Time.  WEAF-New York.  660AM.  NBC.

Sponsor: Ivory Soap

Episode Title: "Emily Sells Her Household Effects" according to the OTRR Library listing.

Opening: "Ivory Soap, ninety-nine and 44/100 percent pure.  Now Ivory Soap's own story, 'The Right To Happiness'."  Then theme music from "Song of the Soul."  Then a full Ivory Soap commercial ("Your hands can have that Ivory look in just twelve days").

Summary: Shortly before noon at the house of Ed and Emily Norton.  Emily is on the telephone with Miss Post, and agrees to sell clothing and household items without the knowledge of her spendthrift husband.  People come "a little after one o'clock" and take away a living room chair, a lamp, candlesticks, dresses, bric-a-brac, etc.  Emily goes to the bank to deposit the proceeds in a secret account and is confronted by her daughter Jane, who knows everything.  Emily explains that she is afraid for the family's financial future and is saving for a rainy day.

Conclusion: Another Ivory Commercial, "Your favorite soap since baby days, it's got those gentle baby ways."

Notes: (1) This is especially interesting for its references to the contents of a typical middle class home in 1945.  Emily has even debated selling their piano, which would have doubled the proceeds, but she was probably concerned that Ed might actually have noticed that!  (2) The sound quality of the recording is pretty good, with some fading and slight distortion throughout.

XLIV. Program: The Right To Happiness

Broadcast Date: December 22, 1955. NBC.

Sponsor: Spic 'n' Span; Cheer Laundry Detergent

Episode Title: "Jack Demands Money From Dr. Thompson" according to the OTRR Library listing.

Opening: Theme music from "Song of the Soul," then a mention of "new blue Cheer."

Summary: At the DeWitt home for children in Bridgeton, ruthless Jack Townsend demands that Mike pay him the agreed upon 80% fee on the $50,000 that Carolyn Allen has donated to the home.  Meanwhile, worried that her son Skip may be getting into more trouble at school, Carolyn phones Principal Blair and the speaks face-to-face with Mrs. Sidney, mother of a neighbor boy who runs with a gang.  What she learns is not reassuring.

Conclusion: A Spic 'n' Span commercial.  Then "Carolyn is not quite sure why, but she senses imminent catastrophe."  Then "'The Right To Happiness' has been presented by Proctor&Gamble, makers of Spic 'n' Span, the wonderful once-over cleaner for walls, woodwork and linoleum."  Then a commercial for Cheer followed by "Tomorrow s glimmer of light shines through Carolyn's fears on 'The Right To Happiness'.  Transcribed, this is the NBC Radio Network.  KNBC-San Francisco, a service of RCA."  Finally a local commercial for Lucerne Eggnog as befitting the Yule season: "Get Lucerne Eggnog at your local Safeway Store" singe the happy chorus.

Notes: (1) This famous soap opera ran for twenty-one years; (2) This recorded episode from KNBC has excellent sound quality throughout.


Larry Maupin