Listener Reports Number 45 and 46

Larry Maupin

XLV.  Program: The Right To Happiness

Broadcast Date: November 25, 1960

Sponsor: Sustained by CBS

Episode Title: "Final Show" according to the OTRR Library listing.

Opening: "This is 'The Right To Happiness', sustained by CBS Radio.  Then strains of "Song of the Soul."  Then "Today, with Grace fully recovered, she and Skip are planning to return to college."

Summary:  This entire episode takes place in the home of Lee and Carolyn McDonald.  Their son Skip has brought his fiancee Grace home with him from college to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with his parents.  In the opening scene they are all sitting at the dinner table eating some of the cake that Grace has baked.  Lee has just become a partner in a local law firm.  After the kids leave to return to college, Lee and Carolyn sit on the sofa and reflect upon their lives together and the meaning of happiness.

Conclusion: More music, then a promo for "Gunsmoke" and "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar".

Notes: (1) November 25, 1960 was the day that the few remaining radio soap operas aired their final broadcasts.  "Ma Perkins," "The Second Mrs. Burton," and two or three others (including this one of "The Right To Happiness") marked the end of an era during which for many years soap operas had been by far the most popular programs on daytime radio; (2) This recording has excellent sound quality. 

XLVI. Program: Road of Life

Broadcast Date: August 22, 1946

Sponsor: Duz Soap ("D-U-Z does everything")

Suggested Episode Title: "A Crisis at the Hospital"

Opening: "Yes, it's the Duz program, 'Road of Life'."  Followed by the theme from Tchaikovsky's "Pathetique Symphony."  Then a full commercial for Duz.

Summary: The first scene is in the Orderly Room at the [Newman?] Neuropsychiatric Institute.  Five orderlies and their supervisor are preparing to storm a room on the fourteenth floor where Carson McVicker, who has been poisoned by her husband with streptogenic sulfate, lies on a bed between Dr Jim Brent and her murderous husband Harry Fowler.  Harry pulls a gun and threatens to shoot Jim, who rushes him.  Soon the orderlies arrive and help subdue Fowler.  Dr. Brent says he must get an antidote right away, before it is too late to save Carson.

Closing: "Jim Brent rushes from the room.  For Carson McVicker, time is slowly running out."  Then a commercial for Drene Shampoo.  Then "Be sure to listen tomorrow to another absorbing episode of 'Road of Life'.  Brought to you by Duz.  This is Clayton Collier wishing you good day and good Duzzing for Proctor&Gamble, the makers of Duz."  

Note: A good encode.  Every word except the name of the hospital can be heard distinctly, and the name is obscured because several characters are talking at the same time when it is pronounced.

Larry Maupin