Listener Reports Number 54 and 55

Larry Maupin

LIV. Program: The Woman In My House

Broadcast Date: Undetermined

Sponsor: Sweetheart Soap

Suggested Episode Title: "Does Jeff Want Carolyn For Himself?"

Opening: "The makers of Sweetheart Soap present 'The Woman in My House'.  Imperious man, look in your heart and dwell on this: without the woman in my house, what would I be?"  Then theme music.

Summary: Except for a brief scene in the Carter home at the beginning in which Virginia Carter, daughter of James and Jessie, announces her intention to return to work, the entire episode involves a conversation between their son Jeff and a young widow named Carolyn.  Jeff's younger brother Clay has been dating Carolyn since the death of her husband, and Clay believes that she expects a proposal of marriage from him.  But Carolyn assures Jeff that she does not anticipate that at all, and in fact has already burned the love letters that Clay wrote her.  Jeff has invited Carolyn to dinner.  When she suggests that they have a drink first, he replies that alcohol is used to deaden the senses, and that when he is in the company of someone as charming and attractive as she, he wants his senses to be at their most acute. 

Conclusion: "Listen tomorrow, when Clay Carter attempts to exchange confidences with Sandy, but finds that she won't talk.  Today featured Janice Scott as Mother Carter, Alice Reinheart and Jeff Tremayne as Virginia and Jeff.  This is Charles Lyon speaking for the makers of Sweetheart Soap and Blue-White Flakes."

Notes: (1) What will happen when Clay learns that Jeff took Carolyn out to dinner?  This is a very good episode, full of characters and matters of the home and hearth; (2) The audio quality is excellent.

LV. Program: The Woman in My House

Broadcast Date: December 22, 1955. KNBC-San Francisco. 

Sponsor: Miles Laboratories (Alka-Seltzer, One-a-Day Vitamins, Tabcin).

Episode Title: "Father Carter Is Recovering From Mumps" according to the OTRR Library listing.

Opening: "The Woman in My House' is brought to you by Miles Laboratories, makers of Alka-Seltzer and many other fine pharmaceutical products."  Then a commercial for One-a-Day Brand Multiple Vitamins.

Summary: Downstairs at the home of James and Jessie Carter on Elm Street.  James is looking out the window and his son Peter comes home.  They discuss James' philosophy of marriage at some length.  They also touch on Sandy's decision to stay home while her husband Mike goes to France for a month.  Mike and Sandy arrive in their car, then go to see Jeff in his studio apartment on the third floor.  Sandy exhibits some jealousy over Catherine, and old girlfriend of Jeff's with whom he has been to a restaurant in Chicago.  Jeff intervenes and a kiss smoothes matters over (for now).

Closing: A commercial for Tabcin.  Then "Be listening when a Christmas shopping tour ends in a startling fashion....'The Woman in My House' is brought to you Monday-through-Friday by the makers of Alka-Seltzer [and is] a Carlton E. Morse production.  This is the NBC Radio Network."

Notes: (1) There is some ambiguity about the setting of this episode.  According to Jim Cox in "Historical Dictionary of American Radio Soap Operas", the serial "was set in Miami {and] dealt with the domestic issues impinging on the Carters of Dade County." (pp. 247-248). But the reference in this episode to Mike's dinner with Catherine in Chicago sounds as if Chicago is nearby.  However, Cox is a good authority, and if he is correct then we can add Miami to the list of actual cities where radio soap operas were set.  Cox also mentions that Carlton E. Morse created the more famous "One Man's Family," which as many listeners will remember was set in Sea Cliff, a real or fictitious area of San Francisco; (2) All the surviving OTR broadcasts, including this one, that were recorded from KNBC-San Francisco seem to have excellent sound quality.

Larry Maupin