Listener Reports Number 56 and 57

Larry Maupin

LVI. Program: Vic and Sade

Broadcast Date: April 3, 1939.  

Sponsor: Crisco (commercials elided)

Episode Title: "Rush Draws List of Acquaintances" according to the OTRR Library listing.

Opening: Theme music, "And now get ready to smile again with radio's home folks, Vic and Sade.  Written by Paul Wright."

Summary: The three characters in this episode are Victor and Sade Gook (not a typo) and their adopted son Rush.  According to Jim Cox in his "Historical Dictionary of American Radio Soap Operas" (p.236), the Gooks live in Crooper, Illinois which explains the mention of Peoria, Rockford, Springfield, Moline and Decatur in this episode.

There is no plot here to speak of.  The three discuss such matters as Rush's algebra homework, the rumor that Miss Harris (a teacher at the local high school) has a cold, and the definition of a "speaking acquaintance." The parents sound as if their intelligence level is dull normal, and Sade has an annoying, idiotic laugh.  Rush seems somewhat more intelligent.

Closing: "[This] concludes another brief interlude at the small house halfway up on the next block.  And so we leave Mrs. Beach and Crisco's 'Vic and Sade' until the next time.  Don't forget to listen."  Then theme music.  Then "This is Ed Roberts speaking.  This program comes to you from Chicago and New York.  This is the National Broadcasting Company."

Notes: (1) There is some debate about whether this is a soap opera.  John Dunning says no, while Jim Cox does include it in his dictionary.  It reminds me of "Scattergood Baines" in its inanity and of characters like Shuffle Shober in "Ma Perkins" who are always spouting homespun wisdom and saying such things as "I see trouble a-brewin'"; (2) The audio quality is very good.

LVII. Program: We Love and Learn

Broadcast Date: Friday, June 24, 1949

Sponsor: Sweetheart Soap

Episode Title: ""Jim Accuses His Mother of Foul Play" according to the OTRR Library listing.

Opening: "The makers of Sweetheart Soap present the comedy-drama 'We Love and Learn'."  Then a commercial for Sweetheart Soap.

Summary: Jim Cartland's wife Thelma has left him, and he blames his meddlesome mother Ada.  The entire episode involves a conversation between the two of them in which Jim accuses his mother of deliberately breaking up his marriage and she denies any wrongdoing.  However, Jim is convinced that Ada conspired with his uncle Prentice Talbot, and that Talbot was the person who sent Thelma a love letter and a diamond bracelet with the intention of making Jim insanely jealous when he found out about it.  Whoever sent the the items, Jim did find them and the resulting confrontation with Thelma ended with her leaving him.  Will Jim be able to persuade her to reconcile with him?  Will Ada's weak heart fail under the strain of her grief and anxiety after Jim vows to move out of her home and leave her alone?

Conclusion: Another Sweetheart Soap commercial, and then one for Blue-White Laundry Soap.  Then "At this same time Monday, 'We Love and Learn'.  This is Dick Dunham speaking for the makers of Sweetheart Soap and Blue-White Flakes.  Stay tuned for the songs of Jack Birch, which follows immediately over most of these NBC stations."  Then "This is NBC, the National Broadcasting Company."

Note: The audio quality is excellent throughout.


Larry Maupin