Listener Reports Number 58 and 59

Larry Maupin

LVIII. Program: We Love and Learn

Broadcast Date: August 11, 1950

Sponsor: Sweetheart Soap

Episode Title: "Jim Argues About His Finances" according to the OTRR Library listing.

Opening: Theme music.  Then "The makers of Sweetheart Soap present the modern drama 'We Love and Learn'."  Then a commercial for Sweetheart Soap.  "Jim Carlton sits quietly in his favorite armchair studying a manual on salesmanship.  His wife Thelma has left the apartment to get the evening papers and Jim is alone with his mother who, he is about to discover, has a great deal on her mind."

Summary: Jim's mother Ada chides him for spending $300 on clothes in one week.  She says he bought "jewelry and fancy clothes" with money that should have been used to pay "regular bills" and support his and Thelma's baby.  She adds that his father died penniless, but that fortunately she had taken out a life insurance policy on him that provided her with a monthly income after his death.  Jim then goes to see Stuart Morgan, who is apparently his sales manager.  He thanks Jim for introducing him to Mickey (a woman), whom he finds very attractive and has bought a friendship ring for.  Jim then asks Stuart to get one just like it for him to give to Thelma, and says he will pay him for it tomorrow.

Conclusion: Theme music, then another commercial for Sweetheart Soap and one for Blue-White Flakes.  Then "Listen at this same time Monday-through-Friday to 'We Love and Learn'.  This is Louis Warren speaking for the makers of Sweetheart Soap and Blue-White Flakes.  When you hear Walter O'Keefe you'll know it's 'Double or Nothing' on NBC."  Then the chimes.

Notes: (1) A very enjoyable episode; (2) Excellent sound throughout.

LIX. Program: When a Girl Marries

Broadcast Date: November 1, 1948

Sponsor: Calumet Baking Powder

Episode Title: "Cathy Safe From the Storm-- The Hitchhiker" according to the OTRR Library listing.

Opening: Theme music, then "'When a Girl Marries', a story of young married life dedicated to everyone who has ever been in love."  Then a commercial for Calumet,

Summary: The scene is set at night in a farm house during a thunderstorm.  Phil and Cathy, the married couple who live there, are having a conversation just prior to Phil's leaving.  They discuss their baby boy and imagine what his life will be like.  Cathy tells Phil how much she loves him, and he confides in her that he has "been hurt a lot" in matters of the heart, and at first did not trust that she could love him.  But now he does.

Meanwhile, Harry Davis is on his way to Beechwood and stops to help another motorist who seems to have run out of gas and to be stranded in the storm.  Then the man pulls a gun on Harry and warns him to "do as I say."

Conclusion: Another commercial for Calumet.  Then "Until tomorrow at the same time we leave the story of 'When a Girl Marries', with Mary Jane Higby and written by Elaine Carrington.  Your narrator was Charles Stark."  Then a commercial for Baker's Coconut.  Then "This is NBC, the National Broadcasting Company."

Notes: (1) This is the first of four episodes aired on consecutive days, so the story line here will be continued in my next three reports.  There are only four more reports altogether before the project will be completed on Thursday; (2) The sound is very good throughout.

Larry Maupin