Listener Reports Numbers 39 and 40

Larry Maupin

XXXIX,. Program: Perry Mason

Broadcast Date: 1950 (day and month not specified).

Sponsor: Tide

Suggested Episode Title: "Walter Bott Awaits His Arrest"

Opening: Theme music. Then a commercial for Tide.

Summary: Lieutenant Tragg and other police officers are on their way to Walter Bott's apartment to arrest him while he sits "methodically playing the piano."  Dr. Leslie Bruce (a man) comes to see Walter, and Bott's attorney Joseph Camp is also there.  Dr. Bruce has brought Walter two tablets in "a small green vial" which he says, "if taken with water will accomplish the desired effect."   The doctor leaves, and soon thereafter Bott receives a call from downstairs saying that the police are there with a warrant.  Bott calmly replies "No no no, don't try to stop them.  I want to see them."

Conclusion: Walter says "We'll soon see how my scheme works Joseph.  Yes, they're outside with a warrant."  Then a commercial for Tide, then theme music.  Then "This is CBS, the Columbia Broadcasting System."

Notes: (1) Another exciting and well written episode.  I did not think this serial was very good, but the two episodes with Walter Bott dated 1950 are excellent (in the prior episode the name sounded like "Bock", but in this one both Della and the announcer pronounce it "Bott").  In any event Walter Bott is a cool character and a worthy adversary for Perry and the police; (2) A very good encode.

XL.  Program: Pretty Kitty Kelly

Broadcast Date: March 9, 1939

Sponsor: Wonder Bread; Hostess Cupcakes

Episode Title: "Kitty Is Found and Has Been Drugged" according to the OTRR Library listing.

Opening: Theme from "Kerry Dance", then "The bakers of Wonder Bread and Hostess Cupcakes present 'Pretty Kitty Kelly'."

Summary: Kitty and Bunny have been kidnapped and are being held at an abandoned Indian Village.  A rescue party finds Bunny, then Kitty.  The captors apparently intended to ship Kitty away in a box to a gentleman in "British Guiana, South America."  Later, someone sets fire to the shack in which Kitty is resting.

Conclusion: A commercial for Wonder Bread.  Tomorrow be sure to hear the next episode in the thrilling story of a beautiful golden-haired Irish girl, 'Pretty Kitty Kelly'."

Notes: The episode itself is not very good, but the theme music from "Kerry Dance" is heartbreakingly beautiful.  If you want to hear it, listen to the beginning and end of the episode on the OTRR Library website; (2) The audio quality is only fair during the dialogue, but fortunately the music comes through loud and clear.

Larry Maupin