"Lora Lawton"

Larry Maupin

This radio soap opera is one of only two that I am aware of that is set in Washington, D.C., the other being "The Story of Mary Marlin."  Recently I noticed that although all of the twenty-eight surviving episodes of "Lora Lawton" are on the OTRR Library website, none of them have episode titles.  So I have decided to listen to them again, suggest titles and write brief episode summaries.  All will be sent to Librarian Paul Urbahns at the email address provided on the website.

Here is the first one:

Broadcast Date; July 17, 1947

Sponsor Bab-O

Suggested Episode Title: "May Case Demonstrates Her Loyalty"

Summary:  Lora's husband Peter Carver is the owner of the Carver Shipbuilding Company.  He has recently murdered a woman named Betsy Harris and we now find him residing at the Hopewell Hospital for the Criminally Insane.  The character in this episode whom everything revolves around is Peter's Secretary May Case.  At the beginning she consoles Lora over her grief at what has happened; then Peter is speaking out loud as her composes a letter to May; and finally she upbraids Angus McDonald, a former employee, for his lack of loyalty to Peter and to the company.  May is a strong and admirable character.  She tells Angus that the company does not need him at all, but that she is willing to forgive him and give him one more chance if he is sensible enough to accept it.

Larry Maupin